3 jem’s Boutique

Friday, Mar 31, 2017

New to Downtown Salisbury, 3 jem’s Boutique is freshly flourishing on Main St beside Timeless Wigs. Opened and run by a trio of sisters, the store embodies much of what a local shop has to offer. The boutique began in Concord and now thrives in the downtown Salisbury scene.

3 jem’s is a clever name for the boutique. The three sisters, Jenna, Emilee, and Meredith put their heads—and initials—together from the very start of the store. They each have their own unique styles, but very similar eyes for taste. They had the idea for opening 3 jem’s because, as sisters who love to shop together, they got tired of needing a day trip out of town to shop for clothes and accessories.

Before committing to opening a boutique together, the three ladies worked in very different fields. Jenna was a teacher, Emilee worked for their dad’s construction company, and Meredith was a research coordinator. “We each have something to contribute,” Jenna says. “Emilee handles a lot of the books and behind-the-scenes management, while Meredith and I handle much of the day-to-day responsibilities.” The ladies’ hope is to keep growing in their new location.

At the original location in Concord, the ladies hired a store manager when all three were pregnant at once. Between pregnancies, new babies, and working intermittently, they worked on opening this second location in Downtown Salisbury.

The sisters’ parents had a big hand in giving them the tools and confidence to open 3 jem’s. Their father provides experience, insight, and understanding into what it takes to run a business because of his construction company. Their mother helps make each sister’s balancing act of running a business and a budding family more manageable. For these three full-time mothers, wives, and store-owners, the support system of their family is undeniably valuable.

Jenna, Emilee, and Meredith have definitely found success in the boutique market. The chic shop on Main receives orders of new clothes and accessories daily. Some goals that the women have for 3 jem’s is to provide a wide variety of clothing that can suit any woman’s style while achieving new growth in the budding downtown location.

3 jem’s is the newest gem in Downtown Salisbury, and its trio of lovely owners shine in their new location. The shop is open and ready to provide fashionable and stylish clothing to all who enter its doors.