New Hallmark Movie Filming in Historic North Carolina City

Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Salisbury is providing the backdrop for a new feel-good film.

Hallmark is currently filming a new movie in charming Salisbury, North Carolina.

Production on the forthcoming drama called To Her With Love kicked off this week. It’s reportedly the first movie to film in the city known as the birthplace of Cheerwine since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Queen City News, filming will take place across the city— inside Salisbury High School, in the downtown area, and on the 400 block of Fulton Street—through Friday.

“I think that this being a Hallmark movie makes it more of a quaint feel, and so they wanted more of a quaint location. And I think Salisbury definitely serves that,” Salisbury communications director Linda McElroy told the local news outlet.

The 65-person production hired a few locals as production assistants, and even put out a casting call for extras.

“When I heard the movie, it got all of us excited,” an extra named Paula told Queen City News. “Even the mail lady.”

Hallmark has yet to share details on the movie, but we’ll provide updates as we get them!