Parking Permit Guidelines Please review the following information about the parking permit pilot program

Purpose of the Parking Permit Pilot Program

The purpose of this pilot program is to address the need for more parking options in Downtown Salisbury. While the City offers many on-street and off-street parking locations, this program aims to specifically address the need for residents, property and business owners, and employees to have parking options that are not on Main Street or Innes Street. This program will free up parking in front of buildings (on Main Street and Innes Street, as well as side streets) for Downtown customers
and visitors.

The advocacy of Downtown Stakeholders and the support of the Police Department has resulted in the opening of a full time Police Department civilian position dedicated to the Downtown. The goal of this position is to forge strong relationships with the Downtown stakeholders, including educating and enforcing parking restrictions. Previous conversation and assessment had from the public and the 2023 Commercial and Residential Parking Program has shown need for variety of parking options throughout the downtown to address multiple locations, which this pilot program will continue to offer and analyze.

This pilot program will continue through the end of the current calendar year to continue to evaluate demand, and will offer updates to the City Council.